about us


At DBTA, we are much more than just an agency, we are your technology partner. Working hand in hand, our number one goal is to deliver the project you expect; paying special attention to the creativity of a young agency, with an innovative spirit and seeking to achieve the client’s goals.

We are people

We are people first and foremost, and our goal is to help those businesses that are suffering from the rapid but necessary digital transformation we are experiencing.

Solutions to your problems

We follow the motto "Simple solutions, for complex problems", we understand that in a world of constant change, problems often appear. We help you to face them and solve them in the best way.

Always available

We are your digital partners and therefore we are available 24 hours a day to improve and optimize the project in order to achieve the common objectives.

we don’t sell services we sell solutions

We do not charge for our time, but for the value we provide to the client.

We charge because the client will get a benefit from our work. If our work does not bring value to the client, the work is poorly done and therefore we will not charge.

We charge because the client receives a benefit in exchange for our experience and work.

It is true that we are young, but we more than make up for our seniority with passion, a desire to help small businesses and an innovative vision of technology.

Our team

Rob Williams
Senior Manager
Anny Ferguson
Andrew Right
Anny Williams
Senior Designer
Peter Ferguson
Web Developer
Ann Right

our History

September 2018
Birth of a Star
The DBTA Agency was born in 2019 by the hand of Javier Martinez as an entrepreneurial project; Javier as a student in ESIC of Digital Business, had the initiative (with 18 years) to start a digital agency that would provide special services to SMEs and freelancers.
September 2018
October 2018
The first project
The first project developed by DBTA (ratingspa.com) arrived a month after its launch. We developed an ecommerce platform for products related to the world of spas and resorts; in collaboration with Amazon Affiliates.
October 2018
February 2019
First Non-Profit Client
After the first project, we had the opportunity to be part of a beautiful and exciting project of remodeling the corporate website of the University Naval Militias, an NGO of reservists of the Spanish Navy.
February 2019
March 2020
Formalization as an agency
From that first project, and with the support and advice of the ESIC University, the DBTA Agency was taking shape and consolidating itself as a digital agency. What began as a student project is now a beautiful reality. Along the way we have been part of incredible projects such as raquelmedina.es or echampu.com among others.
March 2020
This is just the beginning...
We continue with more projects, equally or more exciting (if possible) than the previous ones, but with the same motivation and enthusiasm to help those SMEs or self-employed people who need it to adapt and improve.

There is only one way to know if we are really worth it and that is by testing ourselves